Monday, 25 May 2015

Order of Battle Pacific

Order of Battle Pacific Free Download
Order of Battle Pacific has been set in Pacific in World War II era. The game features US-led Allies and Japanese Empire. In this game you have the option to alter the history and win the wars for Japan with a fictional victory over Australia. You can also choose US led Allies and invade Japanese territory.
Players can build as well as manage their army all the way through the campaign. At the initial stages you have some of the iconic fighters like A6M Zero, F4U Corsair and M3 Stuart etc. Players also have access to the new technology and hi tech units like Nakajima Kikka and Montana Class battleships. As the game advanced you can unlock different Generals, Pilots and Captains which can be later attached to different units. You have to utilize your troops intelligently and come up with effective strategies. The graphics of the game are quite impressive with a rich 3D world of detailed animations as well as visual effects.

Features of Order of Battle Pacific
Following are the main features of Order of Battle: Pacific that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.
  • Impressive simulation and strategy game.
  • Set in the pacific region in WWII era.
  • Features US led Allies and Japanese Empire.
  • Can alter the history.
  • Can build and manage your army.
  • can have access to new technology.
  • Can unlock General, Pilots and Captains.
  • Have to come up with effective strategies.
  • Impressive graphics and detailed animations.

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