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Set in a world full of wonders, quirks and things from beyond our reality, Violett is a remarkable adventure game that will push your brain to the limits and engross you completely.
Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imagines how boring life in countryside will be: spending day after day, bored in her room with absolutely nothing to do. But what she cannot imagine, is that in just few moments, she’ll have the adventure of her life.
A spark of light from the nearby mouse hole catches her attention, she reaches inside and in a blink of an eye she’s in a completely different place. So familiar, yet so distant. So magnificent, and yet dangerous. A place where frogs singing operas are daily occurrence, garden gnomes are emissaries from another dimension and power of telekinesis is not freaking anyone out. Now only your wit and luck can help her unite with her parents.
Rack your brain on intricate puzzles that will allow you to move forward. Use the power of telekinesis to get you out of your troubles. Fight the evil spider queen that wants to make you her new trophy. Use your touch to roam the beautiful and psychedelic world, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Dali and other great works. Immerse yourself in the soothing sound track

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Violett


Professional Farmer 2014

Get Your Farm Tractors And Farm Machines Up And Running
The PC simulator "Professional Farmer 2014" Takes the player to the Countryside and Gives full control in the comfort of hobby farmers visit their home. Farm management, Cultivating fields, planting crops, animal husbandry and buying and selling produce are just a few of the major elements this game simulator offers.
Starting out with a small estate, the player begins as an up-and-coming farmer and visit their career little by little acquires new fields, tractors, machines and animals, and can either specialize or make use of all options that farming has to offer. The key to success lies in good planning by season, expert knowledge that you acquire throughout the game, and skill and good old-fashioned hard work. As a farmer, the player learns to live with the forces of nature, accept the weather and respond so as to perfect the yield from fields, care for the animals and prepare the budget for new investments. Many tractors and farm machines (combine harvesters, field choppers, attaching parts and trailers, etc.) By renowned manufacturers are available to cultivate the farm and manage all the work. Only good planning and hard work will turn fallow earth into a flourishing and fertile soil. Of course, you can drive yourself and control all machines, be it hooking up the plow, re-filling the tractor or Unloading the harvest.
"Professional Farmer in 2014" has a broad Variety of crops, Depending on the environment and climate, with which the farmer can cultivate the fields diversely, effectively and with a high yield. Even crop rotation plays an important role in planning! Provide integrated the seasons influence the game and the player with a constant stream of tasks and jobs.
The local farmers market is your first stepping-stone to success! After just a short time, you should take our home grown and harvested produce to the market and earn your first money by selling it. As you sell more, you will soon see more and larger machines in your fleet and be able to grow larger quantities of produce. Gradually, you will even be able to construct new buildings and acquire new fields.

Instructions: Install game and replace original files by cracked files included in same download. Before replacing you should disconnect internet connection.

Download Professional Farmer 2014


Ashes Cricket 2013

Ashes Cricket 2013 is the ultimate companion to the live action of Cricket. Other game modes reflect all the nuances of the international game across its many formats whilst truly capturing the passion and excitement of live matches. National rivalries, venues and player personalities are perfectly captured in the most advanced simulation of the sport yet, as participants fight for the pride of their nation in either solo play or with up to three friends in local multiplayer matches or take on the world online.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 3.2GB:
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 0.2GB


Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition

Follow a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy partnership in order to survive through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America.
150 years in the future, war and destruction have left the world in ruins with few humans remaining and nature having reclaimed the world. Mysterious slave ships harvest the dwindling population and take them out west, never to return.
Trip, a technologically savvy young woman has been imprisoned by a slave ship but manages to escape using her mental prowess. Monkey, a strong, brutish loner and fellow prisoner also gets free by virtue of his raw power and brawn. Trip quickly realizes that Monkey is her ticket to freedom and is her only hope to survive her perilous journey back home. She hacks a slave headband and fits it on Monkey, linking them together. If she dies, he dies and her journey has now become his. ENSLAVED centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters. Players take on the role of Monkey, utilizing a mix of combat, strategy and environmental traversal to ensure he and Trip survive the threats and obstacles that stand in the way of their freedom.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 6.69GB:
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 1GB
Part 5 1GB
Part 6 1GB
Part 7 0.69GB


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Developed by Kojima Productions and PlatinumGames, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE takes the renowned METAL GEAR franchise into exciting new territory with an all-new action experience. The game seamlessly melds pure action and epic story-telling that surrounds Raiden – a child soldier transformed into a half-human, half-cyborg ninja who uses his High Frequency katana blade to cut through any thing that stands in his vengeful path!
A huge success on both Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE comes to PC with all the famed moves and action running within a beautifully-realised HD environment.
This new PC version includes all three DLC missions: Blade Wolf, Jetstream, and VR Missions, in addition to all customized body upgrades for Raiden, including: White Armor, Inferno Armor, Commando Armor, Raiden’s MGS4 body, and the ever-popular Cyborg Ninja.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 8.34GB:
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 1GB
Part 5 1GB
Part 6 1GB
Part 7 1GB
Part 8 1GB
Part 9 0.34GB


Angry Birds Star Wars II

JOIN THE ANGRY BIRDS IN THEIR BIGGEST ADVENTURE YET! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers! Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Imperial Pigs. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the PIG STAR, and are racing to deliver the plans to the Rebel Birds. Now they need your help! Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy? Time to grab your lightsaber and join the adventure! May the birds be with you! HOURS AND HOURS OF ENGAGING GAMEPLAY - Explore more than 80 levels in iconic locations like Tatooine and the Pig Star. Can you dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, and the dark side of the Force to get all three stars? NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANICS - Use lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers to wreak havoc on the Imperial Pigs! LEVEL UP YOUR BIRDS - Keep playing and level up your birds to improve their skills! SECRETS AND HIDDEN GOODIES - Can you unlock all the R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels?

Instructions: Install game, disconnect internet and run patch as administrator to make it full version and use game without any limitations

Download Star Wars II


Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits, as well as road and racing cars. The game includes a single player career,special events and allows the player to create and customize offline competitions and multiplayer races to challenge other players.
As part of the early access program, starting by the first release, an update with new cars, tracks and features will be available every two weeks, adding new contents and improving the existing ones. All the vehicles and tracks will be released in a level of completion close to the final one, with the aim to deliver, starting by the first version, an enjoyable and satisfying simulation, featuring cars and tracks reproduced at their best, with the exception of unknown minor bugs that will be fixed and polished in time for the final version of Assetto Corsa.
During the whole process, the AI, Multiplayer and damage model features will be progressively added in the scheduled time, in order to close in short time the final release, that will include the career mode and other exclusive contents.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 4.4GB:
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 1GB
Part 5 0.4GB


Assassins Creed Liberation HD

Introducing Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD, the striking chapter of the pre-American Revolution Assassin’s Creed saga which arrives for the first time on HD consoles and PC. With improved gameplay, deeper story and HD graphics makes Liberation an immersive and full Assassin’s Creed experience. The year is 1765. As the events leading up to the American Revolution heat up in the north, Spanish forces plan to take control of Louisiana in the south – but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly Assassin who will use every weapon and ability in her arsenal on her quest for freedom. . Whether eliminating her enemies with her multiple assassinations technique or luring them into deadly traps using her tools, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of those who stand in her way. As an Assassin, Aveline soon finds herself on an unforgettable journey that will take her from the crowded streets of New Orleans to voodoo-haunted swamps and ancient Mayan ruins. She will play a pivotal role in the turbulent New Orleans revolution and the beginning of a new nation. As she fights for freedom, not for herself, but for those whose life and hopes have been squashed.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 2.84GB
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 0.84GB


Might and Magic X Legacy

Might & Magic® X Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic first-person RPG genre. Create and lead your group into an exciting open world and battle mythical powerful creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures!
After a decade, a Might & Magic® RPG is back with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. The best RPG of its class!
In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, you will play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and around Karthal. The city, on the verge of secession, is prey to competing factions vying for its control. Your actions will determine the fate of the city.

Note: It might restrict you to download TWO files at one time.

Download Game 4.34 GB
Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 1GB
Part 5 0.34GB


Deus Ex The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall is a story driven action-RPG that includes never before seen characters from the novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, picking up directly where the book finishes.

We are back in 2027 -- a golden era for science, technology and human augmentation, but also a time of great social divide and global conspiracy. Ben Saxon, a former British SAS Mercenary who underwent physical augmentation, is desperate for the truth behind the drug conspiracy. Betrayed by his private military employers, the Tyrants, not only is his own life at risk, but for all augmented humans, time is running out...

Download Game 1.61:
Part 1 1GB
part 2 0.61GB


Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is a 2013 2.5D video game developed by Armature Studio and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita handheld game consoles. Based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, it is a companion to the 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins, and is a part of the Batman: Arkham series. It was released worldwide on October 25, 2013, with the Nintendo 3DS version releasing in Europe on November 8, 2013. The game was released in Japan on December 5, 2013, same date as Arkham Origins for home consoles, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita .
A Deluxe Edition was released for the Wii U Announced and is to be eShop, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows on April 1, 2,014th in North America and April 2, 2 014 in Europe. It will feature new maps, enemy encounters, difficulty levels, batsuits, and enhanced visuals from the original.

Download Game 1.98 GB:

Part 1 1GB
Part 2 0.98GB


Haunted Manor 3: Painted Beauties

A peaceful day at the park becomes a journey into the surreal in Haunted Manor: Painted Beauty! You thought it would be fun to have your portrait painted by handsome young artist Stephan Black. But you didn't realize you were about to be transported into the dark world of his painting. You soon discover that the mysterious artist has been filling his gothic manor with souls to fulfill the terms of a deal he made with Death. Now you must find your way out of the portrait before Death comes to collect you in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Download Haunted Manor 3 (1030MB)


The Amazing Spider-man 2

What started out as the search for a killer very quickly becomes something so much more. In a unique story alongside the events of the second film, Spider-Man discovers he's not the only one tracking down Manhattan's criminals. The underworld has been turned upside down with a one man campaign of violence and murder that is has captured the city in an iron grip of fear. Villains from the film as well as fan-favorite, classic Marvel characters are woven together in a twisted web of adrenaline-fueled, freeroaming, web-slinging action that puts players on a collision course with an evil far beyond Spider-Man's reckoning.

Download Game 7.63

Part 1 1GB
Part 2 1GB
Part 3 1GB
Part 4 1GB
Part 5 1GB
Part 6 1GB
Part 7 1GB
Part 8 600MB+


The Beardless Wizard

An evil Kidnapped Scientist has a kind, old wizard! As the young magician's apprentice, you Might not have a beard, but do not let stop you from saving his That Wrinkled skin!
Dewy-eyed Guide Eugene on an epic quest to save the master and stop the Wicked Oyzo his. Time will be of the essence as you travel through a magical land and complete quests for the many amusing characters you meet along the way, as the faster you work, the greater your reward will be! The challenges you face won't be easy, but your ability to turn into a giant stone golem, a dragon, or a ghost will give you the edge you need! In an exciting new twist for time management games, you'll be able to level up each character and give them the skills you choose, allowing you to build, harvest, and repair more efficiently.

Download The Beardless Wizard 410MB


Saturday, 21 June 2014

DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech v4.5.0.6

DVD Next COPY Ultimate is a program designed to help you hit DVD video clips to Blu-ray Backups or copy DVD discs or mobile devices.
The interface of the application is clean and Intuitive; can you get Started by Selecting the DVD source (disc, ISO file or folder).
DVD Next COPY Ultimate Allows you to copy the main movie or the full video to DVD disc, hard drive, ISO file, or Blu-ray mobile device.
So, you can select the audio track, subtitle language and angle, as well as edit the volume label and select the burn speed and target size. Plus, you can remove the region code and DTS audio, as well as add a movie-only menu.
Additional features of DVD Next COPY Ultimate lets you burn a BD or DVD, convert a disk image (eg ISO, NRG, IMG, DVD ) to ISO or BIN / CUE, as well as customize the content list (eg sort by size or index) and minimize to the system tray DVD Next COPY Ultimate.
From the 'Settings' area you can make the app Eject the disc and to verify it after the burning session, hit a double-layer copy, use custom target size and to hit an AUDIO-TS folder, just to name a few.
The DVD video processing tool requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and quickly finishes a task. No error dialogs have been displayed throughout our testing and DVD neXt COPY Ultimate did not freeze or crash. On the downside, there is no help file available.

Instructions: Install software,  disconnect your Internet connection and run patch as administrator to make it full version and use software without any restrictions.

Download DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech v5.4.0.6


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v5.7 x86/x64

Adobe ® Photoshop ® Lightroom ® 4 software provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. Create images that inspire, inform, and delight. Bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark shadows and bright highlights. Now you have more power than ever before to create great images in challenging light. Create beautiful photo books from your images with a variety of easy-to-use templates included in Lightroom. Upload your book for printing with just a few clicks.

Instructions: Install software, disconnect internet, use keygen to patch and get serial key to register it to full version and use it without any restrictions.

Download Lightroom v5.7 x86/x64


Aurora 3D Animation Maker v14.10.21

Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a professional application designed to enable you to create unique 3D animations. When you perform video editing and web design, you will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Or maybe you need a logo in the video. These can be easily designed with this application.

Instructions: Install software, disconnected internet, use keygen to get a serial key.
User Name: Asandl
And serial key from keygen
After registration use can software offline or block it in firewall if you want to be online.

Download Aurora 3D Animation Maker


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mojosoft Software Business Cards MX v4.92

BusinessCards MX is a comprehensive image editor specialized in developing professional business cards. Featuring a thorough set of editing features, this application helps users develop customizable business cards based on a broad gallery of editable templates.
On one hand, BusinessCards MX behaves like a regular text and image formatting software utility, incorporating all the basic program features such as adding or moving objects, shape alignment and multiple selections.
One the other hand, one of the first specialized functions of the app is the possibility to fill an elaborate form that includes information related to the company name, address, contact information and other typical data that could be inserted in a business card. The attraction to this feature comes from the fact that the user can easily save this information in order to further use it in other projects.
Furthermore, although the elements filled in the form will be grouped within the workspace, they become individually editable while working with layers.
The user has implicit access to a variate gallery of template business cards grouped by topic and personalized each with various symbolic elements. These templates act as a background surface where many other elements can be added to personalize the project and make it unique.
The Shape and Effects panels come in handy when customizing any additionally inserted element, whether it involves inserting a clipart image or uploading an image from the PC.
When it comes to formatting business cards, one of the most tedious steps is adapting a basic landscape worksheet to a standard business card size. BusinessCards MX features a wide variety of standard business card formats transferable to the printing options.

Instructions: Use keygen to register software and use without any restrictions

Download Business Cards MX v4.92


PT Portrait v2.1.3

There are many factors that influence the end result of trying to take a good picture and they cannot always be controlled. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications you are able to later post-process any image to remove imperfections. PT Portrait is one of them and attempts to do so to what the name suggests.

Instructions: Open serial.txt and use serial key to register software.

Download PT Portrait



Spintires™ is an Intel® award winning off-road driving experience designed to challenge the player's driving skill and endurance. Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fuelling stations, garages and lumber mills.

Download Spintires (546 MB)


Monday, 16 June 2014

Ace Translator v12.6.5.972

Ace Translator is a translation tool that supports a huge number of languages ​​and, beside the text translating feature, it's also able to show the correct pronunciation for a user-defined phrase. The application is amazingly easy to use and is quite similar to Google Translate. There are two different fields, one that prompts you to pick the original text language and a second one where the app will display the translated text. There's no configuration menu and the whole job basically comes down to picking the two languages ​​and pressing the Translate button. Keep in mind that in order to use the application you'll need an active Internet connection because, just like the developer explains, Ace Translator makes use of the online translation services. Some of the languages ​​also come with a second feature that will allow users to listen to the translated text and thus learn the correct pronunciation. Among the supported languages, we should probably mention English, Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Macedonian, Persian and many others. Just like expected, Ace Translator runs on low resources, so it most likely loads okay on older machines too. Plus, it gets along with all Windows versions out there, including Windows XP and Windows 7, both of which have been tested by us. All things considered, Ace Translator is one of the most efficient tools we've ever tried, but if we were to vote for an improvement, we would go for the interface. Too bad it's so expensive though, users could very well turn to an online service since an Internet connection is already mandatory.

Instructions: Install software, Use open patch as administrator, browse to installation directory to patch. After patching use software without any restrictions.

Download Ace Translator


XYplorer v14.80.0200

XYplorer is a multi-tabbed dual pane file manager for Windows, featuring a powerful file search, a Versatile preview, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to Efficiently Automate Frequently Recurring tasks. XYplorer is not only amazingly fast and light, it is also extremely fun! XYplorer is a portable multi-tabbed dual pane file manager featuring a powerful file search, versatile preview facilities, a highly customizable interface, and an array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. Rather XYplorer is a tool than a toy, and targets power users and computer professionals who are looking for an Explorer replacement That Deserves its name. Here are some key features of "XYplorer": - Thumbnails of image files can be advocates right in the details view, Introducing the unique "Mouse Down Blow Up" functionality which Allows you to popup an image in original size just by holding the mouse down on the thumbnail. - Preview of *. TGA (Targa), *. DNG, and *. NEF files. - Instant Font Preview of installed and uninstalled TrueType and Type-1 font files (displaying detailed font information). - Instant Preview of Office files (except in Vista/Win7), and of HTML, MHT, PHP files (including Configurable server Mappings) with printing option. - Instant display of complete file / version Information for each selected file. - Support of Icon Overlays (as for example used by TortoiseSVN, a Subversion client, Implemented as a Windows shell extension). - File Info and Tips MP3 Info Tips: Extensive file information (Depending on file type and individual file up to 35 fields!) pops up when you move the mouse over a file's icon. - Special MP3 service: instant ID3v1.1-tag view and edit, plus automatic filename to ID3v1.1-tag routines. - Sorting files ... you are in full control. Easily Sorted choose how and in which direction is what. - You have a Column-wise Selection Filter. Which means you can not only eg select all GIFs by entering "*. Gif", but "modified: * 2007 *" selects all items Modified in the year 2007, and "type: Vis *" selects all items of a Type starting with "Vis". - Instant Raw View (ASCII and HEX) for all files, including text extraction from Binaries (the fastest on the market since years). - Generate various Sorts of file system Reports (to clipboard, file, and printer - we're talking about one-click directory print-outs here). - Export extended file information of whole directories (or even directory trees) to CSV-Formatted files. - Autosize Columns: Optionally, file list column automatically box Widths adjust to visit their current contents. - On-the-fly Font Sizing: Hold Ctrl and wheel your mouse to quickly change the application's font size to either see more information in the same space or go for more detail to relax your eyes. Check out a Video. - Excellent Windows shell integration: file associations, context menus, drag-n-drop, copy / cut / paste files via clipboard, environment variables. - You have a Column-wise Selection Filter. Which means you can not only eg select all GIFs by entering "*. Gif", but "modified: * 2007 *" selects all items Modified in the year 2007, and "type: Vis *" selects all items of a Type starting with "Vis". - Instant Raw View (ASCII and HEX) for all files, including text extraction from Binaries (the fastest on the market since years). - Generate various Sorts of file system Reports (to clipboard, file, and printer - we're talking about one-click directory print-outs here). - Export extended file information of whole directories (or even directory trees) to CSV-Formatted files. - Autosize Columns: Optionally, file list column automatically box Widths adjust to visit their current contents. - On-the-fly Font Sizing: Hold Ctrl and wheel your mouse to quickly change the application's font size to either see more information in the same space or go for more detail to relax your eyes. Check out a Video. - Excellent Windows shell integration: file associations, context menus, drag-n-drop, copy / cut / paste files via clipboard, environment variables. - Highly customizable display formats for file size and date information. - Support for showing directory sizes. Many are missing it in Explorer, here it is: The total size of each folder including all of its contents can be seen right in the file list. - Optionally, for each file and folder, the real disk space used is displayed Immediately. - Start Where You Stopped: Remembers last folder, sort order, scroll position, column Widths, and selected files per-tab and cross-session. - Browser-like history functionality. There's a global history and an individual history for each tab. - Can define favorite folders and files. - Extended Context Menu: A large suite of useful commands added to the standard file context menu, including Copy To, Move To, Copy Filename with Path , Copy File Properties, Copy Large / Small Icon, Multi-file Rename (Optionally using Regular Expressions). - Icon-extraction, multi-file time-Stamping and attribute-Stamping. - Full support for drag-n-drop and wheel mouse . - Made to handle heavy-duty jobs. - Small, fast, and RAM-friendly. 

Instructions: Install software, disconnect internet and use keygen to make it full version. After registration you can connect to internet.

Download XYplorer


Aiseesoft Total Media Converter v7.1.20 + Platinum v6.3.50.23335

Aiseesoft Total Media Converter is really the all-in-one media converter which functions of DVD Converter and Video Converter for multimedia Owns users to convert video / audio files, rip DVD to any other video / audio formats like MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV , SWF, MP3, AAC and any others.
More useful editing functions are also available for you by using Aiseesoft Total Media Converter: adjust output file effect, trim any time-length clip, crop video play region, add watermark and join your selected file clips into a whole one. More specific output parameters are also provided for you to adjust to get the exact files for you. Among popular video and audio formats Convert - Rip DVD to video and audio - Customize output video effect - iPad Support

Instructions: Use patch to make it full version, make sure you run patch as administrator


Bandicam v2.0.0.638

Bandicam is a lightweight video recording tool designed to capture your screen activity to a video file. It features a mode Specifically built for helping users visit their record gaming sessions. 
Although the user interface is simple and it Might you into thinking Tricky That this is a tool with limited features, this is Definitely not the case. Bandicam Combines Simplicity and useful features for Delivering the best results when it comes to video recording operations. 
The program Gives users the Possibility to select the area to be Captured, namely a full screen window (DirectX / OpenGL), which is detected automatically box, or a user-defined custom area. 
Furthermore, Bandicam Allows you to take snapshots and save them to BMP, PNG or JPG file format. 
worth Mentioning Other important options enable you to pick a default saving directory, make the program remain on top of other utilities , and assign hotkeys for a better control over the entire process, as well as enable the FPS display, set its position on the screen, and Specify the FPS limit. 
Plus, it features an auto complete video recording mode which lets you limit the capture process to a specified size or time value. 
Last but not least, there are Several video and audio configuration settings designed to help you select the number of frames per second, codec, quality of the video, frequency, and bitrate. 
During our testing we have Noticed That the application provides excellent video quality and without errors throughout the entire process. 
All things Considered, Bandicam offers an Intuitive environment for helping all types of users, visit their Regardless of experience level, and visit their record screen activity video games.

Instructions: Install software, disconnect internet and use keygen to make it full version. After registration you can connect to internet.

Download Bandicam v2.0.0.638


iSkysoft PDF Editor + OCR Plugin v4.0.0.3

iSkysoft PDF Editor is a Straightforward and reliable application That Delivers a complete Toolbox for editing PDF files.
Highlights Capabilities include OCR, PDF encryption, as well as Possibilities to watermark, convert, rotate, merge, split and crop PDF pages.

Instructions: Install software, disconnect internet and use patch to make it full version. After registration you can connect to internet.

Download iSkysoft PDF Editor
Download OCR Plugin v4.0.3


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Edraw Max v7.9.3105

EDraw Max is a vector-based diagramming application with rich examples and templates. Easy to create flow charts, organizational charts, business process, UML diagrams, work flows, program structures, network diagrams, chart and graphics, mind map, directional maps and database diagrams. With pre-drawn libraries and more than 2000 vector symbols, drawing couldn't be easier! Edraw Max includes all the libraries and examples of Edraw product line.
Edraw Max is a new, rapid and powerful graphic design software, novel, small and Exquisite, who works in the following fields:
· Flow Charts
· Organizational Charts
· Work Flows
· Software
· UML Diagrams
· Network Diagrams
· Business Process
· Charts & Graphics
· Directional Map
· Database Diagrams etc.

Download Edraw Max


R-Studio v7.5 Network Edition x86/x64

R-STUDIO is a family of powerful, cost-effective disk recovery software. Originally developed by R-Tools Technology, Inc. for experienced data recovery professionals, R-Studio has been redesigned as a scalable, user-friendly all-in-one data recovery tool. By coupling our most advanced file recovery and disk repair technology with an Intuitive user-interface, provides enterprise and professional-level R-Studio data recovery Specialists Hindering the tools themselves without the need of entry-level users experience.
R-Studio Runs on Mac , Windows, and Linux * and can recover data from local disks, removable disks, heavily corrupted disks, unbootable disks, clients connected to a local area network or the Internet. As a highly scalable, flexible, and Deployable data recovery solution, R-Studio is an Invaluable tool for data recovery operations large and small.
No matter the platform of the host or client or the physical location of the disk, R-Studio can quickly and effectively recover lost data from damaged, formatted, repartitioned, or deleted disks.

Download R-Studio v7.5


Homefront Ultimate Edition

Homefront is a first-person shooter video game developed by Kaos Studios and published by THQ. It was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows on March 15, 2011. Homefront is set in a near future America in 2027 when a now-nuclear armed Korean People's Army invades the USA, defeating the United States military early on, toppling it from the superpower status it once held. The game takes place after the initial defeat of the United States, and is from the perspective of Robert Jacobs, a pilot in the American Resistance. The game is written by John Milius who co-wrote Apocalypse Now and wrote Red Dawn. Much of the gameplay is set in Montrose, Colorado.

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TeamViewer v9.0.29327 Free + Corporate

Occasionally, users might need to access their home computer when they are at work, even if it is only to access a few files. Rather than going home, copying the files on a USB flash stick then travelling back to work, one could leave the home PC on and access it using TeamViewer. TeamViewer is an intuitive utility that enables users to remotely connect to a computer, view its desktop and operate it as if it was their own. Furthermore, these functions are not limited to professionals alone, as the user-friendly interface also allows beginners to use it, even if they have not tested a remote utility before. Basically, in order to use TeamViewer, the app needs to be installed on both of the computers involved in the connection, and each of them get a unique ID and password. Whenever a user wants to gain control of the other computer, they need to input the corresponding ID and password, and they are connected. In other words, one can set up a remote controller, start a file transfer, or access a VPN, with anyone in the world.
TeamViewer Another use is for setting up a presentation, can be accessed That Simultaneously be multiple users, while Granting them "read-only" privileges, so they cannot control anything on the host desktop. Moreover, TeamViewer Enables users to hit a list of computers to automatically box Remotely control, manage them, and even exchange instant messages.
It should be Noted That the speed and performance of the connection depend on the characteristics of the host computer, ie the faster the PC, the more stable the remote connection. Also, it is best to stop all the unnecessary applications in order to allow TeamViewer to use as much RAM as it requires. To sum ​​it up, TeamViewer comes in very handy when a remote connection is needed, especially considering that it comes without any charge.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nitro Pro Enterprise v9.5.3.8 x86/x64

Nitro PDF Professional is one of the most advanced PDF editing and creating software solutions, Providing Basically all the tools you need to help you in this regard Would ever. Although it's called "Professional", the application has been developed to be aimed at beginners and professional users alike, so you won't find it too difficult to use. The interface is more than Reminds us of the popular Microsoft Office suite and Pleasant, Adopting the same Ribbon GUI interface we've seen in the office suite developed by Microsoft.
And to make sure That users will benefit fully from its very advanced features, developers have designed a help screen that pops out every time you open the interface, giving you the option to find more info on its tools with a single click. With Nitro PDF Professional you can thus create new PDF files from any document format out there, add comments to PDFs, export text or the entire document, including photos, to another document format, insert images, links and pages into PDF files, secure files and add signatures, design forms and print them. As said, it is very easy to use Nitro PDF Professional and the ace up its sleeve is definitely the Ribbon GUI we were talking about. Everything seems to be in the right place and although we admit that we're more or less used to Microsoft Office, it's very easy to find a given tool inside the app. You do not need a super computer to run Nitro PDF Professional, but you may notice some minor slowdowns when running it on older machines.
All in all, Nitro PDF Professional is one of the best PDF tools on the market, That's for sure. It's expensive, that's true, but this it is definitely the Microsoft Office of PDF apps.

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Windows Repair v2.10.0

If you're Trying to solve some Windows problems and you find a tool Couldn't That works, - Windows Repair Might have what it Takes to do the job.
The application has been developed to solve some common Windows problems, but the way it does it is really unique.
To make sure users are on the safe side all the time, the program has been developed as a wizard, so users just need to follow some steps to repair the Windows errors.
That Only four of the Actually five steps included in the app are designed to prepare you for the repairing process, so each time you're Advised to either clean your system in case any infection exists on the local disks, file system check or hit a backup.
The last and the most important step repair Windows provides a total of three modes, namely basic, advanced and custom.
Runs While the basic mode only basic repair options and the advanced one comes with more complicated utilities, the custom version lets you pick exactly the things you need to fix.
For example, you're allowed to reset registry and file permissions, repair Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer and the Hosts file, fix icons, proxy settings, Windows Updates and Windows Sidebar, remove temporary files, Unhide non-system files, register system files or set Windows services to default startup.
Although it may sound like a waste of time, it's Crucial to hit a backup before Attempting to fix certain errors, just to be sure no Harm could be done to your system.
Simply put, - Windows Repair is an easy to use and effective utility that serves its purpose in a way that makes it appropriate for all types of users.

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Video Booth Pro v2.6.3.8

Video Booth is an application that is able to take photos and record video clips, provided that you have a webcam installed on your computer. It features built-in special effects and provides direct access to your favorite websites processes for image and video uploading.
It packs a clean interface That Allows users to Perform Several actions on the go. There are three recording modes available, and you may opt for the first one, which takes multiple snapshots, while the "Continuous Shooting" mode takes four pictures in succession. The last mode Enables recording options, as it is possible to hit videos pretty quickly.
Of course, the quality of the generated files or videos pretty much depends on the Webcam installed on your computer, and it is recommended to use one with a high video resolution.
The application is also able to display a preview with the photos taken. That there are Several special effects you can choose from, and you can Easily apply them on your pictures or videos.
The program Enables the direct uploading of your files to YouTube, you have specified the user name and password provided That of your YouTube account. You can add a title, description, tags, and select a category. Uploading images to different websites is also possible, as long as you Provide your login credentials.
This tool does not Provide many advanced features, and we Would have liked to see support for the Possibility of creating multiple photo albums, photo email options integrated in the app, encryption mode, full screen, and hotkeys.
In Conclusion, Video Booth is a tool can help you take photos and record video clips That, That you have provided a Webcam installed on your computer. It cannot be considered the most powerful tool on the market, as it lacks many advanced options.

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AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​Premium v7.7

Auslogics Boostspeed is an advanced software solution designed to optimize the operating system, improve the overall performance of the computer solve errors and Thus.
With an eye candy and well organized interface, Auslogics is Boostspeed Addressed to Beginners and more Experienced users alike, Although the look may seem a bit overwhelming at the first glance to rookies. There are four different tabs in the main window, "System Scan", "System Advisor", "Resource Usage" and "Advanced Tools", each offering various tools developed to increase computer speed.
The "System Scan" utility checks the system for registry errors that may affect stability, looks for junk files that take up disk space and slow down the system, fixes disk errors and searches for fragmented files. A full scan Takes around 1 minute, with a moderate amount of resources needed in the process.
The "System Advisor" screen provides recommendations for your system, all of which are designed to boost computer speed. "Disable Administrative Share", "Do not save encrypted data to disk Internet Explorer" and "Disable Certificate Propagation service" are just a few of the advices you may
While the "Resource Usage" tool has a pretty self-Explanatory name and shows CPU , RAM, disk and network usage, the "Advanced Tools" is the tab that opens a whole new dimension. You can Perform disk maintenance, free up space, uninstall apps, recovered files, repair or defrag the registry, speed up or erase Internet history, all from a single tab.
On the good side, performs most of the tasks automatically box Auslogics Boostspeed and without slowing down the operating system, but on the other hand, some of the tools still need important updates. For example, the uninstaller does nothing more than to launch the built-in uninstaller of the selected app, so it does not seek and remove Leftovers.
All in all, is still a good choice when it comes to Boostspeed Auslogics Boosting computer speed and it comes with dedicated tools for almost every single part of your system.

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Mystika 2

The village of Lumina is in trouble Rikou, our magic tree, cannot protect us anymore. Alrik the mage needs your help to restore the sanctuary. Travel through 200 levels in this fun Match-3 game and collect enough money to restore the village. Defeat your challengers with the help of powerful spells, and find treasures in a dozen of hidden object scenes. Enjoy your trip through this enchanted world, listen to amazing soundtracks and prepare for an epic quest. Will you be the one who will restore the sanctuary.

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Game Maker v8.1.139

Do you want to develop computer games without spending countless hours learning how to become a programmer? Then you've come to the right place. GameMaker allows you to make exciting computer games, without the need to write a single line of code. Making games with GameMaker is a lot of fun! Design your very own games using easy-to-learn drag-and-drop actions - you can create professional-looking games within very little time. You can make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects. And when you've become more experienced, there is an easy built-in programming GameMaker Language (GML), which gives you the full flexibility of creating games with GameMaker. You can do anything you want with the games you produce, you can even sell them!


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager v4.4.4

Tweaking and optimizing the operating system is a challenge for many users out there, not only because this could also improve computer performance, but also because it's hard to choose a software solution that's really efficient. Windows 7 Manager is one of the apps specifically designed to work with Windows 7, providing an impressive lineup of tools offered together with a handsome interface.
The main tools are organized in tabs, so it's pretty easy to find the one you need, as categories include Information, Optimizer, Cleaner, Customization, Security, Network and Misc. Utilities. The Information tab obviously includes utilities designed to show details regarding the computer, but also a bunch of tools to optimize the system with the help of a comprehensive wizard or repair specific problems.
But in case you wish to optimize the computer the real way, there's a tab that includes tools to determine system speed, enable or disable startup programs or services, thus improving the overall performance of the machine. As for the Cleaner, you can remove programs, delete duplicates, clean or defrag the registry, delete junk files or clean the desktop with just a click. Customization includes utilities to change the visual style, but also to modify the context menu and the boot configuration, so it's just up to you. Miscellaneous utilities comprise a bunch of features to split files or copy files data one folder to another, but also some other registry tools such as an editor, a finder, a backup and a restore utility plus a so-called jumper.
We've used many of these settings and we can confirm that Windows 7 Manager is indeed a top-notch application, but it will definitely take a lot of time until exploring all the features. It's pretty obvious that this is a fully featured tool, so it would be a shame not to enjoy all its great tools.

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