Monday, 16 June 2014

Ace Translator v12.6.5.972

Ace Translator is a translation tool that supports a huge number of languages ​​and, beside the text translating feature, it's also able to show the correct pronunciation for a user-defined phrase. The application is amazingly easy to use and is quite similar to Google Translate. There are two different fields, one that prompts you to pick the original text language and a second one where the app will display the translated text. There's no configuration menu and the whole job basically comes down to picking the two languages ​​and pressing the Translate button. Keep in mind that in order to use the application you'll need an active Internet connection because, just like the developer explains, Ace Translator makes use of the online translation services. Some of the languages ​​also come with a second feature that will allow users to listen to the translated text and thus learn the correct pronunciation. Among the supported languages, we should probably mention English, Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Macedonian, Persian and many others. Just like expected, Ace Translator runs on low resources, so it most likely loads okay on older machines too. Plus, it gets along with all Windows versions out there, including Windows XP and Windows 7, both of which have been tested by us. All things considered, Ace Translator is one of the most efficient tools we've ever tried, but if we were to vote for an improvement, we would go for the interface. Too bad it's so expensive though, users could very well turn to an online service since an Internet connection is already mandatory.

Instructions: Install software, Use open patch as administrator, browse to installation directory to patch. After patching use software without any restrictions.

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