Saturday, 7 June 2014

Video Booth Pro v2.6.3.8

Video Booth is an application that is able to take photos and record video clips, provided that you have a webcam installed on your computer. It features built-in special effects and provides direct access to your favorite websites processes for image and video uploading.
It packs a clean interface That Allows users to Perform Several actions on the go. There are three recording modes available, and you may opt for the first one, which takes multiple snapshots, while the "Continuous Shooting" mode takes four pictures in succession. The last mode Enables recording options, as it is possible to hit videos pretty quickly.
Of course, the quality of the generated files or videos pretty much depends on the Webcam installed on your computer, and it is recommended to use one with a high video resolution.
The application is also able to display a preview with the photos taken. That there are Several special effects you can choose from, and you can Easily apply them on your pictures or videos.
The program Enables the direct uploading of your files to YouTube, you have specified the user name and password provided That of your YouTube account. You can add a title, description, tags, and select a category. Uploading images to different websites is also possible, as long as you Provide your login credentials.
This tool does not Provide many advanced features, and we Would have liked to see support for the Possibility of creating multiple photo albums, photo email options integrated in the app, encryption mode, full screen, and hotkeys.
In Conclusion, Video Booth is a tool can help you take photos and record video clips That, That you have provided a Webcam installed on your computer. It cannot be considered the most powerful tool on the market, as it lacks many advanced options.

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