Monday, 25 May 2015

Mass Effect

In this game Mass Effect you will enjoy all of the action in the galaxies of space. The story of the game is that the player is the member of a very special force. The player and his force gets the the news that there are some protagonists. Which are trying to create some very dangerous machines and they are trying to destroy all of the world.Now the mission of the player is to go to the space and try to find out the base camp of the enemies and destroy all of their setup. So now there is very dangerous battle between player and the enemies. In this battle player have many machines and latest weapons to kill the enemies.

Mass Effect Features
Following are the main features of Mass Effect.
  1. Third person shooter
  2. Action game
  3. Action in the galaxies of space
  4. Try of destroying the world
  5. Attack on the enemies
  6. Destroy the enemy
  7. Use of machine and weapons

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