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Review Of Saint Bonaventure High School Qasimabad [Sindh Board And Agha Khan Board]

Disclaimer: This review describes experience faced by me, the teachers described here might be changed but till date (7-Jan-2015) they are in School. Students would be definitely changed but still few are included in review. All pictures posted here are taken by me and are copied from internet. These pictures are whether public or shared many times on social media hence could be considered as public, no privacy exposure is done here. It might be updated if any change is informed to me. Any info from ex or current students is welcomed too.

This School have two educational boards, namely "Sindh Textbook Board" and "Agha Khan University Educational Board". I have spent 1 year in Sindh Textbook Board and 2 years on Agha Khan Board, it isn't much but is enough for me to write a review.

It was an High School but Agha Khan University extended an offer for affiliation in 2007 for curricular material to be introduced to enable the school to attain the status of a college. In simple words, you can study till 10th class in Sindh board and in Agha khan you can go till 12th class. Have a look at this image to understand outer structure of building:

1. Entrance of school, according to image, sides are wall and on right side there is a notice board and a window from you can get diary (of crap quality). It is students (From Sindh Board only) work to write on diary that in what subjects what they have done for today and dairy is supposed to be checked by parents. I was able to write anything random and it was checked by English teacher Javed without reading it. You can get Fee challan from there too.

2. Here a canteen that sales very few stuff, here's list:

 - Chips of cheap quality of rupees 2
 - Vegetable Patees & Chicken Patees
 - Roll and a Roti Roll
 - Rs. 15 juice of two flavors (mixed and mango), random flavor on random day. These are of Pakistani companies like Shezan. You won't get branded Nestle here.
 - Samosa
 - French Fries potato chips (without even skin removed)
Sorry if I forgot something but thats all. Occasionally I found thread like stuff in that chips. Once a guy found house fly on samosa. Just wanted to tell you that you will get this crappy junk food of low quality. Initially it gets so much crowded and you will get a lot of jerks, pupil will walk over your feet and blah blah.. In end, many times, canteen ran out of some fried stuff.

Girls canteen is approximately point 7, its also so much  crowded with same stuff being sold. Another canteen is found just left side near where point 10 line passes over. Same stuff being sold.

3. There is a toilet that is always full of shit and terrible smell. I never found it clean in 3 years. When it rains, many drops come inside on you.  This toilet have lock from outside as well as inside. Many times idiot students will lock you in which is very stupid act in my opinion. Inside doesn't locks very well, you can still see out side from around 1 cm gap between door and wall. It have 2 toilet rooms however I still see guys peeing outside. Outside there are 3 partitioned areas with just small holes covering sewer. There are chances of making your self dirty so I never did that. Toilet offers NO soap just water only. Also note that many students come out during break and two toilet rooms aren't enought for boys.

I don't know about girls toilet but it shouldn't be different.

4. Another extremely small canteen with size of a ceiling fan with one guy selling, previous one described have 2 guys.

5. Boys area for break time

6. Girls area for break time, middle area is watched by prefects so no boys enter there. Male kids pass  break time there. Anyone from Agha khan board (including males) can go to girls section with no problems, in fact its their daily way to go inside their classes.

7. Sindh board office for admissions and other works.

8. Down there is a stage, used for occasions and for rehearsal.

9. Up there is Library of Sindh board, more higher there is Agha khan board library and office.

10. Nothing special, its just a parking area.

Lets describe Sindh Board and Agha Khan Board teachers here:

Sindh Board Teachers:

I will review them with alphabetical order of subjects they teach:

Computer: Named as Aslam. He was tharki (flirty) one. If you look at his Facebook profile he will comment/like picture of girls only even she is his student (i.e. small aged compared to him). He do fake likes and comments on his profiles using sites for like exchange or fake likes. Now here's proof:
Look at likes, they are more than 700. Do you think its possible according to picture he posted?

When you check who have liked that image, all gets cleared that these are fake likes by some users that probably he don't know. And some have names that I can't even read:

One day he was teaching how to make a program in Visual Basic to Zoom in/out a picture. After successfully creating, the program wasn't able to zoom in/out. It only reduced width and height. On Zoom it made image smaller. Zoom out only worked when you zoom in first and rather zooming out, it restored reduced height and width. All dumb students said nothing however I said him that it is neither zoom in nor zoom out and he didn't replied me. One another try he didn't replied so I didn't said anything because all noob classmates didn't mind what he taught. There are more incidents that will prove him bad teacher but I don't want to make it too long. He later moved as a teacher to Agha Khan board section, review for that in next section. 

This video (credits to me) shows that everyone is shouting, making fun and Aslam is playing songs in Resource Lab, what a great use of that speakers and screen. My hands are shaking in video as hell as I am surrounded by many students and teacher. Pardon me for that.

English: His name was "Javed". Most racist/discriminator teacher I have EVER seen. He slapped me first time in school and this was my only slap on my face in that School. Now you can judge if no other teacher slapped me on my face in 3 years then whose fault is it?
I don't know myself what he taught me in English, I had very bad skills in writing/talking English but it was latter improved by next teacher I got (will describe later in AKU board section). Javed only favored girls mostly. He doesn't encouraged weak students rather demolishes them by giving no attention. His most favored girls was his class monitors that he made.

Islamiyat: Her name was Yasmeen. She was so strict in religious matter. When she enters class, everyone was supposed to put your hands up like you are wishing something and she recited some religious stuff. She forced girls to put scarf during her period and if you don't have, she will either punish you or a warning for initial times. As a boy if you do something to girl during her period, you can self predict what will happen next lol.

Maths: Two teachers in one year. One whose name was Mushtaq was changed to other section and we got another teacher named Irfan. First one was an asshole seriously. He was more like an animal. One day, he was checking registers, I had all work done. Class monitor named as Fatima Shaikh was standing in front. I went first time to get my register checked and she said its not your turn, second try and same reply by her and again same on third try. After that Mushtaq started to see everyone's register, when he came to see mine and he saw that it isn't checked. He then grabbed me from collar of my shirt and pulled me. From sitting, now I was standing. He thrown away my register causing it to damage its binding and dusty. He is tard and will remain a tard for me + that monitor. Monitor in front of whole class said to English teacher, who appointed him as monitor that she hates boys.
Second one was Irfan, he was a good teacher, religious and polite person. He didn't favored anyone and won't kill you if you don't have completed work like the other one liked to do.

Pakistan Studies: His name was Sultan. He taught his Pakistan Studies more in a Islamic way. He gave us class tests and then told us to check ourselves and then came to see himself. Many students corrected wrong answers and voila! got a "excellent" mark on your paper rofl. I did it once as well :D. He was an ok teacher, not so good and not so bad but was horror character when he punishes/gets angry.

Science: His name was Farzad. He was a good teacher and very lenient. I never saw him hitting someone.  According to me he was good teacher.

His picture (Source: Facebook):

Urdu: Her name was Farah. She taught Urdu good with sometimes rude and polite way. One thing I didn't liked that she favored those students who were every rich. I remember whenever I talked with someone she called my name loudly to make me quit. When I was sitting with a rich student, he was talking with me and I said him to quit or she will freak out, anyway he kept talking with me so I was too and she didn't even bat an eye. It clearly gives evidence of her favoritism.

Agha Khan Board Teachers:


Biology: Her name was Sabina. She taught us biology very good and she flooded us with tests and presentation. For me standing in front was already a headache and that was too much :S Anyway I consider it is a good way to teach but previously she gave one topic too all students, again and again hearing same stuff sucks. But latter she gave differently. She wasn't so strict and good teacher.
Rating: 9/10 

Her picture (Captured by Myself)


Chemistry: We were taught Chemistry by Walters in 9th and by Shazia in 10th. Walters was a good teacher, very lenient and encourager.

Rating: 8/10
Now comes 10th class teacher Shazia. She was an just fine teacher. Sometimes she didn't understand what is written in book and said to search by ourselves or she said tomorrow she will tell us. She just says why are you wearing this stuff, why wearing colored hair band etc. No one stole it from Shazia and any simple worn stuff doesn't disturbs anyone but seems like she likes to tease in this way. She gets mad in very short time & turns into monster and shouts so hell loudly that if she does that for some minutes, she will crack glasses.
Rating: 7/10

Picture Of Shazia (Soruce: Facebook)


Picture Of Walter (Source: Facebook)


Computer: First there was a teacher for very little time so I don't even remember his name. Later Aslam came to AKU board section. All day sitting in air conditioned room and using internet on his computer. I selected biology subject so he didn't taught me but still I can do a review. He was same as he was in Sindh Board - no change. Students said he doesn't teaches us well and we are on our own. According to a guy, on sports day he used abusive language against him (Not 100% sure, I wasn't there). He also favored some students.
Rating: 3/10

Picture Given above.

English: We were taught English by Sir Ameen. His English skills were excellent! His pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, checking, etc was really brilliant. Not only he taught us very well but also encouraged weak students. Whenever any English drama/debate was held between other school, he aimed for confidence build up of students and not to win it. This is why a teacher is in school ^.^. Still I remember that for English debate he selected a good student and a weak student, not only he selected weak one but also helped her writing debate. He also helped good one to write his debate. He gave free printed papers for our own practice (every other teacher will cost you for that).

Rating: 10/10

  His Picture (Source: Facebook)

Islamiyat: Name = Muzafar. He was a good teacher but he sometimes hit you for little things (not so hard). He had control over his subject but he used to write answers on board by copying from notes. In our class boys only rubbed the black board, we wanted girls to do that too but he rejected it, however other teachers agreed. Noob decision.
Rating: 7/10

Maths: We were taught Maths by Jai Ram. He was good teacher, no complaints.
Ratings: 9/10

His Picture (Source: Facebook):

Pakistan Studies: His name was Noor Muhammad. He didn't taught well, his skills wasn't good. He used to make fun of others. Like "I saw you selling potatoes".. "Your are mosquito" .. "You are over population" .. etc. His one worst habit was that he used to write question on board and says "I write, you write". If you don't, he will make you stand for no valid reason. He favored students too
Rating: 6/10
Picture (Source: Facebook)

Urdu: We were taught Urdu by Farah in 9th and by Ayesha in 10th. Farah was a good teacher but strict one.
Ayesha was old type, old thinking, old aged.Wasn't a good teacher, she didn't always checked all home works and used to taunt students. I was her victim too so I would say she is a stupid teacher.
Rating: 5/10

Picture (Source: Facebook)

Administration Of Sindh Board:

 It is administrated by Roman Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad. In simple, many christian people as head. One woman in administration named "Naushad", a corrupt one. She charged 5000 PKR saying that my admission is late. But at my first day, before going to class, I was waiting in a room with few others. A parent of another guy said did that took any extra money from me? Yes, I replied. They are very "harami", he said. Asking this question clearly tell us that others were charged too. Before admission, she said that I am joining this school because of girls. Judging other person doesn't describes them, it describes the one who judges. Another issue for me that I had to face some asshole prefects.

Students were divided into four houses or say groups named as follows:
Though, I never understood whats the meaning of doing this. Perhaps to increase competition between students.

Administration Of Agha Khan Board:


Many Noobs. BIGGEST one is Sameul who is vice principal of school, I included him here because he is bitching most of his time in AKU section. Maybe because another stupid female admin (Joanne) is there who is christian as him and comes in Western cloths? Sameul was very f***ing tard. He put a rubber band in my hair in front of other mates because of my long hairs without first giving me any warning. He was all rubbish mudafaka who talks in actions rather than speaking from mouth. Other admins named Joanne, Jahanzaib (brother of Naushad The Corrupt), Rehana. And one more a teacher than administrator, Ayesha Urdu teacher - old.
One issue for me is that they gave around 15 days less holidays as compared to Sindh Board. Classes start earlier and ends more late as compared to Sindh Board daily timing.
They didn't made any prefects as they have less students and their corridor wasn't long. But lower classes (not from metric) had prefects that were from Sindh Board.

Picture of Jahanzaib (Source Facebook)

Picture Of Sameul, (Source: Facebook)

 Class Rooms Of Sindh Board And Aga Khan Board


Class Rooms of Sindh board was simple with Black Board (black wall in reality), cupboard cement and wooden doors. Some windows, and some charts on walls. Charis were designed for two students, so you have to sit with someone else. Don't get happy, boys sit on separate one side of class and girls on other, so what you are thinking isn't possible. In fact it is disturbing to sit like that. Chairs had front panel for putting books that was appended to chair. Class rooms had 4 ceiling fans, the one who sites on extreme left, right sides or corners, don't get proper air and it feels hot.

Class Rooms of AKU had black board that is actually a wall that is painted black. Had same windows, four ceiling fans and charts on wall. Chairs were different, designed for single person. Front desks had chamber in it to store books in it and secure it with a lock.

Boys And Girls:


All classes of AKU was coeducation but some sections of Sindh board wasn't. Interaction between both boys and girls was too damn high. Students go dating, try to talk alone in wash rooms and make relationships, breakups too lol. I also fell in love with a class mate and I am keep thinking of her day and night even today and she had came 7-8 times in sleep dreams! Unfortunately, I failed on making her friend but memories aren't going. There is just too much that time can not erase. May god bless her. It affects studies so much during class too, you will keep concentrate on them and try to look at them. It might not affect you the same way, this depends upon you. You can talk, make friendship and hand shake with girls, this is what I saw in AKU board and little bit less in Sindh Board. However, you should proceed with caution in Islamiyat period :D.
I do believe that coeducation provides better environment and creates more competition.

 AKU (Physics + Biology + Chemistry Lab)


All labs were fine. Physics lab didn't had any burners for experiments. Rest labs were just fine. Large enough.However  labs didn't had enough instruments so that individual student (around 30) could perform same experiments. Hence always groups were made. Teachers helped to cheat you in Annual practicals. It was astonishing to see because who used to scare you, are now helping you by themselves. I heard that if student gets good marks in their respective subjects, teacher was rewarded. Not sure though.

Picture of Biology lab captured by me, blacked out one girl because I promised that I won't share her pic with anyone. On sides and back there are tables.

 Extra Curricular Activities

Following are the extra-curricular activities that are organized annually:
  • Drama
  • Sport Day
  • Award Day
  • Independence Day celebration
  • Eid Milad-un-Nabi
Following are the competitions that are organized annually:
  • Debate (English, Urdu, sindhi)
  • Elocution (English, Urdu, sindhi)
  • Science Exhibition
  • Singing Competition
  • Ramazan Quiz
  • Computer Quiz and exhibition
What you will get if you win? Nothing much but a certificate. Printed on paper, not even hard paper :@. Sometimes trophy that sounds better.

Exams And Tests


There were Bi-Monthly tests in AKU. After each  monthly test, parents teacher meeting was held. During PTM some teachers turn into monsters. After ending the syllabus, a mock exam was taken. In any test no cheating was possible or at least very hard. Occasionally, tests and presentations were taken too. Annual Exams were also taken in same school and again no possibilities of cheating.

Sindh Board:

There were examinations after completion of some course. No parents teacher meetings. Final term instead of mock. I never attempted board examinations in this board but what I heard that there is a lot of cheating. Less home work loads as contrary to AKU.


For Sindh Board I think I shouldn't give an explanation, all books of Sindh Text Book Board  for Metric level. For lower classes only Science and English books are from Oxford.
In AKU Board. All books except English And Urdu are from Punjab Board. English is from Oxford but it is often less used in study, only for reading purpose. Urdu book is from their own AKU board. Much difficult words are used, book contains only topics without any exercise, read topic and now you are on your own beside some class practice.
AKU Board syllabus might be hard for some fellows, but it is better in my opinion.

Miscellaneous Pictures

During maths period in Agha Khan section, 10th class. Notice blackboard and tables, same as described above. (Captured by me)

Taken by me from Chemistry Lab window

Some pics from Chemistry Lab destruction by me in Science Exhibition lol.

 A little girl almost cried when I ruined her chart hehehe. I also colored some areas of notebook of teacher and few drops on a guy's shirt! Muhahaha that monstrous feel when no one can do anything. (All captured by me)

 Here is my previous class room (9th - AKU). Source of light=SUN!!, board=WALL!!

 (Source: me)

Here is library of AKU (Source: me)

A image from outside of my 9th class. taken by me:

(morning during exams of Sindh Board)

Another in early morning(winter):

(Source: Me)

Another in early morning. showing parking area mostly of staff (Source: Me)

Corridor, outside from my 9th class, looks good with flowers and plants.(Source: me)

First time captured by me! The assembly. That shade is only there for a occasion.

Going on trip to Pizza Hut on foot and in uniform! What a great combination and a trip where you pay yourself for what you eat! P.S: I wasn't there. (Source: Facebook)

There might be more pictures but for a review these are enough. Also I had lost some too. I think these might be enough to tell you how school looks like or at least give you an idea.

AKU vs Sindh Board - Final Comparison:



Green tick just shows what is better and it doesn't tells absence and presence. According to me, AKU Board is better than Sindh Board. And yeah, I forgot one point. Sindh Boards fees is far less than AKU Board. Monthly fees of Sindh Board is One Thousand and some rupees, on the other hand for AKU it is Three Thousand and some rupees. For higher classes 11 and 12 it touches the mark of Five Thousand. examination and admission is separate. Examination is approx. 17000, admission is also around the same mark. I couldn't remember for Sindh Board, but for sure it is very less.

My Final Thoughts And Suggestion

In my all above words and thoughts, I conclude that AKU Board is better than Sindh Board but more difficult. However I can understand that for some people, it might be expensive. If you insist taking admission in this school, AKU Board is better but I highly recommend that you should NOT take admission in it. Find another school nearby, this is neither a good school nor college.

Thank you for reading. Suggestions, complaints, feedback and questions are welcomed in comment box below. You can also message me at Contact Me page

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