Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bus Simulator 2012

In the game Bus Simulator 2012 the main aim of the player is to drive his bus very fast and smoothly and try to complete his missions very quickly. In this game the player gets missions and his responsibility is to complete the mission within estimated time. If he can’t complete the mission within the time so he gets less money and points. If he complete his missions before the estimated time then he gets extra money and bonus points.

Bus Simulator 2012 Features
Following are the main features of Bus Simulator 2012.
  1. Racing game
  2. Unique type of game
  3. Drive your bus fast and smooth
  4. Complete missions within estimated time
  5. Gets extra money and bonuses
  6. Travelling around the countries of Europe
  7. Purchase new buses
  8. More then 450 new models buses

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