Monday, 6 June 2011

Download Accelerator Plus Premium v9.5.0.3 Final

Download Accelerator Plus Premium (DAP) provides the fastest possible download speeds, with privacy, security, and ease of use.

Download up to 300% faster with increased reliability, resume support and errors recovery.
It searches for mirror sites that most effectively serve your downloads through multiserver connections for optimal utilization of dial-up or broadband connections.

* Download Speed - Download files as fast as possible
* Download Security - Download safer as you see what the leading security programs say about your files
* Pause & Resume - Continue broken or paused downloads
* x10 connections per download
* Totally customized download experience
* Comfortable management features
* Video Preview - Watch previews of videos as they download
* Broadband Optimization - Get the most from high speed internet connections
* Preview pane – Preview downloads of Music and Video files
* Download list - Advanced management of downloads queues, priorities and statuses
* File Information pane – Advanced information of downloaded files and sources
* Completed downloads list – Separate list of completed downloads
* DAP Drive integration – Save downloads and Upload files to DAP Drive web storage
* Media Center Tab – Conveniently manage your media files
* Superior Usability – New interface with flexible design options
* Integrates with all browsers – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox
* File Shredder - Completely shred and destroy files
* Trace Cleaner - Remove download traces from your computer
* Private Folder - Lock, hide, and protect your downloads
* ZIP Preview - Preview and extract Zip files as they download

Video Expansions:
* SpeedBit Video Downloader - Download YouTube / web videos to your computer
* SpeedBit Video Accelerator - Expansion to watch YouTube / web videos without pauses and buffering


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